pata-sciencey – 20%

Use what pataphysics has given you: anomaly, syzygia, and clinamen. But don’t use it to throw away the garbage or wipe your nose. Instead use it to make fun with science. Show you get the ways science is a discourse and a narrative–how it’s story time. And here’s how: write a scientificy or technocratic paper in a discipline, complete with citations of your mind. Have the paper expose something ridiculous about the world, science, or make a wonky cultural and/or political statement.

So here be some examples you  or you and your partner, yup I said that, could run towards or away from.

You might write a paper on the science of unicorn toothpaste to fight gingervitis or you might write a cryptozoological study on the feeding habits of Yeti. You could even psychologize invisibility and the emotional trauma that comes with it. (Whoa, that last one could be deep!)


So here’re the guidelines of what you are gonna do.

1. The essay – 2-4 pages (650-1300 words); written in formal language imitating the language of science or technocracy; free from grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors; has a main point (thesis); support; and is well-organized.

2. Works cited page – Include at least three invented yet appropriate sources of your invention cited properly in MLA or APA style.