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Enjoy my remixes and vlogs. Be sure to check for updates.

my star wars supercut

This is a supercut of all (i hope) the times the force or the dark side is used in star wars.

heroism is terrorism in rogue one

This remix questions the valorizing of the rebels in star wars rogue one, suggesting that terrorism is often portrayed as heroism.

episode 1: valediction

Dear Viewers,
A Rousing Intercourse is a vlog that comments on everyday rhetorical practices. This first episode is about readymade rhetoric and valediction. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll identify with that frustrating aspect of our digital lives: email valediction. Enjoy our humorous take on email valediction.

Warmest Regards,
A Rousing Intercourse

episode 2: aporia

Dear Viewers,
A Rousing Intercourse is BACK. This second episode is about aporia – using uncertainty and confusion effectively as a rhetorical strategy.
You’ll chuckle, you’ll chortle, and you’ll awkward as we examine the benefits of going off-script. Pour yourself a martini if you need to take the awkward edge off, and enjoy.

A Rousing Intercourse

episode 3: reading in a 21st century college english class

episode 4: how to get students to read for class