welcome, yoyoyoyo, and heyheyhey,kid-me

From this website you’ll find resources about the classes I teach, my research, and information about me outside of being an English professor. Since this is a homepage, I’ll give you a snapshot ’bout my home

My family is made up of my wife, a kid, a dog, a cat, fifteen birds, and three turtles.  I think I got it all:)

If ya need to get to class, click on the classes pages. They’ll help you figure if you are interested in the class or would rather drop it and take another. Don’t worry. I get it.This is your life. Ya gotta do what’s gonna make you happy and/or prepare you for what you wanna do in the future.

Also, did I mention that I have a passion for overalls? They really are the perfect clothing for carrying your digital gear. And, if you dig the site, make sure you like and tweet about it cuz when I get that feedback it feels real good!