nicheOgraphic – 20%


For this task, you are gonna design a nicheOgraphic or an infographic using statistics that have something to do with your nichepertise. You can generate the statistics yourself or you can take stats from somewhere else (e.g. if your nichepertise is birding in Westminster, you could find some stats about birding from Cornell Orinthology Labs and turn them into a infographic about birding). There’re two parts to the assignment.

nicheOgraphic (10%)

You will create an infographic that makes an argument about something that has to do with your nichepertise through it’s presentation. You’ll be creating a static infographic that acts more as a social/pr distribution vehicle or an editorial. In other words, it has to make an argument or express a point of view about something in infographic form. The infographic will be judged on its purpose, organization, use of design principles, and our understanding of what makes a successful infographic.

what you will get out of the task

  • An upping of your  Piktochart or skills.
  • An understanding of how to critique and create infographics using different visualizatoin strategies.
  • Experience with using different methods to present information.

task constraints

  • Your nicheOgraphic must use at least three different visualizations in your infographic. You can use pie charts,
    line charts, bar charts, a timeline, heat map, a word cloud, or typography in a unique way that communicates visually.
  • IF USING PHOTOSHOP—>Your nicheOgraphic should be between 600-650px width and 1200-2000 pixels height. Otherwise, piktochart and/or does all this for you!
  • Your nicheOgraphic should be organized, thoughtful, use CRAP, and be free from spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes.


You’ll be evaluated using this rubric- Rubric

the analysis (10%)

For this final part of the task, you will analyze on your nicheOgraphic and describe why you’ve done what you’ve done. You know, why did you create this nicheOgraphic? What argument are you trying to make and why? How does your design and content contribute to your argument? What is the tone of your nicheOgraphic and how does it fit with your niche? Why did you choose those colors? That information? What is the biased information in your nicheOgraphic? What do you wish you could do differently?

Please treat this like a formal essay rather than just a list answering those questions in order.

Your essay should use at least three different sources from our course readings to support the claims you make in your analysis. Of course, you can us more sources if you’d like.

Last, your citations must be done correctly in-text and end-text in MLA format. analysis expectations

Your analysis should be between 4-5 pages (1000-1250 words) and should be free of grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes. It should maintain a formal tone, use critical thinking, and answer the questions above in an essay-not list-form (i.e. I expect a well organized essay with smooth transitions between topics!).


You’ll be evaluated using this rubric-> Analysis Rubric