action figuring – 20%

Action figures and/or dolls aren’t neutral or apolitical or arhetorical or asocial. They be, like, makin’ arguments about the world, about what it means to be a hero, a villain, a man, a woman, a boy, a girl. It makes arguments about being rich, poor, white, non-white, straight, gay, and, well, I think you get the idea. For this assignment, you are going make a political and/or social statement by remixing an action figure or doll’s story. We’ll go to Target and select the figure you’ll remix. You’ll remix the packaging using Photoshop; you’ll remix the accessories and/or whatever using the 3d printer; you’ll re-package it and then write an essay describing why you did what you did.

Here’s what you’ll get out of the task:

  • upping of digital savvy as photoshop and 3-d printer remixer
  • experience making political/social statements using multimodal means
  • an action figure or a doll

the remix – 15%

This is the action figure or doll packaging and accessories you remix. I’ll be looking at how well you convey the purpose of your argument, how well you adopt the genre of the packaging, the production value, and how well you use design principles to make your argument.

some musts – 

  • your remix has to have at least 3 legitimate (credible) sources that support your argument and the citations should be included somewhere on the remix packaging.
  • a separate citations page (like a word doc) for any visual imagery you use.
  • your remix should use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. it should be error free.
  • you must update the figure’s story.
  • you must add at least one accessory (doesn’t have to be 3-d printed).

the rhetorical analysis – 5%

For this final part of the task, you will rhetorically analyze your remix and describe what you’ve done and why you’ve done it. You know, why did you remix this figure? What is your argument? What was the previous argument that you were challenging? Why was this so important? Why’d you decide on your design? How did our readings influence you? What would you change? What doesn’t work well and why?

Those questions are meant to guide you. You don’t have to answer them all.  The gist of this part of the assignment is for you to figure out how to write an essay that analyzes your figure and describes the communication moves made in it that contribute to its meaning, its purpose.

analysis expectations

  • Your analysis should be between 3-5 pages (750-1500 words)
  • It should be free of grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes
  • It should maintain a formal tone, use critical thinking, and be organized (i.e., I expect a well organized essay with smooth transitions between topics).
  • Your analysis should use at least three different sources from our course readings to support the claims you make in your analysis.
  • Your citations must be done correctly in-text and end-text in MLA format.
  • It should include a works cited section.