pata-teachy – 15%

You and a partner and a partner and partner (2-3 of you total) will teach the class about a chapter from our course textbook we haven’t covered. You have to figure out how to communicate the important parts and create an engaging and thoughtful class teaching us (your students) about it. Why are you doing this you might wonder? Well, it ain’t because I’m lazy. By teaching the class you will be doing a number of things that’ll help you in the future. You’ll be improving your oral presentaton skills, your critical thinking skills, and your organization skills. AND, most importantly, you’ll be learning about different ways to interpret, argue about, and get inspired to tell transmedia stories.

Your presentation should be ~60 minutes. Don’t worry though! Part of this will be your activity.

You are required to meet with me to talk ’bout the class you will teach!

Your instruction should have a clear purpose, be well organized, and follow your lesson plan. It should have openings, transitions, closings, and activities.

I will be judging you on the following criteria:


How do the presenters carry themselves in front of the audience? (voice, posture, gesture, eye contact)
Are they prepared?
Is there an even distribution of communication?
Do they use technology well?


What information does the presenter share with the audience? (background, specific examples, source attribution)

image aids

How do the presenters’ image aids contribute to his/her presentation? (quality, use, purpose)
Does their activity and/or discussion contribute to audience’s understanding?


How does the presenter organize his/her presentation? (introduction, conclusion, logical movement from one point to another)

The following rubric is how your instruction will be evaluated: transmedia teachy rubric.