pata-story – 20%

For this task, you or you and a partner are gonna write a story inspired by Oulipoian strategy. In other words, it is gonna be a story or poem with a major feature of constraint we are gonna come up with in class. Why do this? Well, why not? Why not practice being creative and working around, within, and about something? I mean this is practice in being in the world where constraints are usually implicit, killing your creativity softly. 


So most of this is up to you. I just have a few guidelines that are musts!

  1.  Story or Poem – 1.5-5 pages (450-1625 words); written in consistent language appropriate to theme/content/style/genre; free from grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors; has a beginning with a hook, middle with a climax, and end with/without a resolution.
  2. Dunno – this part up to you.