pata-toury – 15%

Good luck. This is it. The last assignment of your stay and it is a lil’ less constrainted than the previous ones. And, guess what, you can work with a pata-partner or para-partners. So this is what you will do:

  1. Psychogeographical tour—>create a tour of Budapest that gives us a unique insight into your experiences. You could create an emotional tour; an olfactory tour, or even a tour based on taste (i.e., tasting various elements of the environment); or you might even make a tour of cryptozoology. Constraints follow:
    1. Must use at least two senses besides sight.
    2. Should have 8-12 locations.
    3. Should take between 35-50 minutes of walking.
    4. Tour begins at McDaniel College campus in the computer lab.
    5. Tour is conducted from between 2-5 of you. In other words, this could be two tours or one tour.
    6. The tour needs a theme–a purpose with a kind of argument–and all the points need to be connected to this theme/purpose.
    7. LAST THING – Provide me a pamphlet, a simple guide, a handout summarizing and naming the locations on the tour. 

Pataphysically yours,