rhetorinalysisisis – 20%

Get ready to rhetorinalyze (use rhetoric, semiotics, and all the design principles you know so far) to critique a “baaaaaaad” website. This task is intended as preparation for your next two tasks because here you get to hone your thinking skills and theory application, AND you get this present: re-design the website you critique and present the analysis about how it could/should look along with screenshots of the “bbbbbaaaaadd” as evidence.

Here’s what you’ll get out of the task:

  • upping of digital savvy as web designer and photo manipulator
  • experience with theory and lenses for analyzing websites
  • a line for your resume saying, “yo, i know about design”

some musts for the rhetorinalysisisis – 

  • it’s gotta use at least five legitimate (credible) sources from class readings helping to explain your ideas.
  • it needs a separate MLA citations page for sources (including visual imagery you use).
  • proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. it should be error free.
  • it’s gotta be composed of at least five total web pages (works cited not included in this count).
  • it needs to be between 1250-2000 words (5-8 pages).
  • it needs to use an external stylesheet and have no HTML coding errors on home page.
  • it has to include at least three visual images supporting work and at least three hyperlinks to examples or extra information.
  • this is an argument, so it needs a clear thesis.
  • it should maintain a formal tone, use critical thinking, and be organized (i.e., I expect an organized website with writing that has smooth transitions between topics).
  • it’s gotta be designed with skill using design principles.

rubric coming soon