u-teach – 10%

This portion of class is up to you! You and a partner will teach the class about a reading you find and share with us. Why are you doing this you might wonder? Well, it ain’t because I’m lazy. By teaching the class you will be doing a number of things that’ll help you in the future. You’ll be improving your oral presentaton skills, your critical thinking skills, and your organization skills. AND, most importantly, you’ll be learning about different ways to interpret and argue about the world.

Worry –  your presentation should take up the whole one hour of class.

You and your partner will select a reading from an approved resource that has to do with rhetoric, communication, and space. And it has to interest you so you can interest us.

Here are the steps:

Choose a reading or video.  At least 1,500 words or 10-20 minutes of video.

Email me a link or pdf of the reading you’ll be doing.

One week before your instruction you need to do two things:
1. Meet with me to talk about your teaching.
2. Provide me with a lesson plan.

lesson plan – 3%

You and your co-teacher will create a lesson plan outlining what you will be instructing us on they day you teach. Imitate the form of this lesson plan and fill out the content with your ideas. Be as thorough as possible. Here is the new lesson plan outline.

the infographic – 7%

See the lesson plan and talk with me about how to.