re-InDesign project – 20%

the re-InDesign – 10%
For this project you will select a flier advertising a course describing a major or a minor that is in serious need of re-design or needs a design period (it doesn’t exist). Contact the person in charge of the course and ask if he will consult with you in the re-design. For this project, you will focus on employing the CRAP design principles described by Robin Williams in The Non-Designer’s Design Book and making the design better, not worse.

some steps –

  • Get a copy of the flier or the flier info.
  • Meet with the instructor of the course at least once to get an idea about their style, the theme of the course, if the information is current and words related to that theme.
  • Use image resources that are NOT copyright infringing.

the justification – 10%

In addition to redesigning or designing a flier, you will also write 1000-1500 word design justification. In this paper I’d like to understand your and why you made the moves you did in your redesign. This paper should be written with a thesis, be organized, and edited quite well. Please address, at minimum, the following questions: How did you approach the project at the start? What specific design conundrums did you face? Why did you make the design choices you did? Also, please discuss what you think worked best, as well as how you would improve on it if you were to undertake a similar task in the future.To get a high score, you’ll use at least three sources from class readings, and you’ll quote yourself – you’ll show what you did in pics and words you used or emphasized.