pamphlet for major – 15%

the pamphlet – 10%
Colleges are constantly engaging in marketing. Part of that process—both for prospective students and those already committed to a school—is selecting a major. Students need to be informed about their choices, and those choices need to be inviting. That’s where you come in.

***You will use InDesign to create a pamphlet advertising your major.

key information to provide and other specifics

  • Use 8.5×11 inch paper to create a pamphlet with either one or two folds.
  • Make sure the college and the department’s names are prominent.
  • Use McDaniel College’s Streamlined Brand Guidelines to be sure your designs adhere the McDaniel’s graphic identity standards.
  • You may use one other typeface not part of McDaniel’s Streamlined Brand Guidelines, which helps communicate your major.
  • Specific information, such as faculty names and specialties and courses offered, are up to you to determine the relevance of. What will be most informative and attractive to readers?
  • Audience of the text: prospective students and current students looking for a major.
  • Purpose of the text: Persuade readers to select your major at YOUR school.

suggestions for images

  • Take pictures yourself (if people are part of picture, have them sign an agreement) or use visual imagery from the web with the appropriate licenses and/or from McDaniel’s website.

the justification – 5%
With the goals listed above in mind, write a 2–3 page (double-spaced and 500-800 words) design justification to the department housing your major Describe the major decisions you made in your design and explain why you believe your pamphlet achieves the goals listed above (and explain what else it accomplishes, if anything). Make sure to include MS not BS logo. To get a really good score, you should use support from our readings and have a works cited.