magazine article research project – 25%

the article – 15%
Your final design for this class will ask you to lay out content for a fictional or real magazine of your choice. This project will be a showcase of all the desktop publishing and editing skills you’ve honed in 2214.

Use InDesign to create a compelling story that incorporates words and images in a two-page magazine spread. The topic of the story, genre, and other details are all up to you. 750-1500 words.

Integrate at least two sources (not the pics and gotta be legit) into your article via quotation, paraphrase, or summary. Sources can come from Hoover Library (peer reviewed) and from Wired, The Atlantic, The New York Times, Slate, The Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, and Sociological Images. If there is another source, get approval from me.

You must use Illustrator to create at one graphic that represents information from a source in a creative way.

Cite sources at the end in MLA format. If sources are images, cite near the image.

the queries – 5%
You’ll have a partner to serve as your developmental editor (and you will serve as your partner’s editor in return). Throughout the design process you will conference with your editor to talk through writing and design ideas F2F.

You have to write one memo to your partner.
The memo should be from a DE perspective and should in include 5 queries.

On Wednesday April 27 you will use class time to read your partner’s story and design in draft form and note any queries.

the justification – 5%
You will also write 750-1000 word design justification.
In this paper I’d like to understand your and why you made the moves you did in your writing, content, and design.

This paper should be written with a thesis, be organized, and edited well.

Please address, at minimum, the following questions: How did you approach the project at the start? What specific research, writing, and design issues did you face? Why did you make the choices you did? How did your DE help you?

Also, please discuss what you think worked best, as well as how you would improve on it if you were to undertake a similar task in the future.

To get a high score, you’ll use at least three sources from class readings, and you’ll quote yourself – you’ll show what you did in pics and words you used or emphasized.